Friday, March 20, 2009

Silicone Valley

Yay! It’s the first day of spring! The weather is amazing. It’s about 5:45 on Friday afternoon and I’m enjoying a little down time in the sun after such a crazy week.

I haven’t been able to post in a while because I’ve had a needle, FireLine, and some random shaped/sized hematite colored bead in my hand! So, Ken was right this time and I didn’t finish my art bra in by the March 16th deadline. I knew it was going to be close, but I thought without sleep or food for a couple days that I could have it finished. Reality set in and I decided that food and sleep were sort of a necessity. I did finish the bra Wednesday night though! Yay, Silicone Valley is complete! Well, I do have one or two minor adjustments to make over the weekend, but if the event was tomorrow and the bra entered “as is” then I would be extremely proud!

Here are a couple pictures of my masterpiece ~~

I love to see everyone’s surprised look that I made something like this!

Okay, now off to my next project. I have to come up with a piece for our auction by April 1st. I’ll have to come up with something quick & easy that looks like it’s worth a million bucks!


  1. Oh, I love it. I really wish I could have seen it (and you) in person yesterday. Since it didn't make the deadline, will you be submitting it next year?
    See you soon!

  2. Thanks Theresa! We missed you too! I wish you could have seen the bra in person. It will be part of this year's runway show and in the 2010 calendar! I knew that when we set the deadline there were a couple days of wiggle room so no problem :)
    ~~ Kim