Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Name That Delica Number

Color inspiration shows up when you least expect.

My parents gave us an invaluable gift for Christmas this past year. We went on a family vacation to Florida in July! This was the first vacation for all 8 of us to enjoy spending together for a week. It was my parents, my fiancĂ© and I, my sister and her husband, and my niece and nephew ages 7 and 13. My Mom is in love with an amazing resort in Ft. Meyers and has been there 5 times over the past several years. She had been wanting to share the wonder with all of the family so we finally got to go and experience it for ourselves. If you’re interested in a vacation spot, check out Pink Shell Beach Resort & Spa
. We are all now checking the web cam on a daily basis daydreaming of going back!

On our second day it stormed for a couple hours. Our room overlooked the ocean and had floor to ceiling windows. We watched this storm roll in over the horizon and it was a spectacular range of blues and greens! Funny thing, my Mom and I at one point both looked at each other and said, “What are those Delica numbers?!?”. The colors of the storm over the ocean were just amazing and we both imagined a rich project using those colors. I took many photos as a reminder of the brilliant color combination although it was much prettier in person. Amazing how our minds are always working toward that next favorite project! :)

After the storm, we were treated to this beautiful sunset from our balcony......


  1. HAH! You need a Delica color chart, Kim! I'm thinking of some of the newer colors (for which I do not yet have a chart). When you figure out the numbers, let us know!

  2. We did visit a bead store in the area and they had 4 colors lined up right next to each other that looked really close! They wanted about double price for the beads so I wrote down the numbers to order later.

  3. The last photo I like very much, it somehow "talks" to me. It's so peaceful and still there's sunshine attracting.

  4. Thanks Jennifer & Kultalilja!