Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been staying with my parents in Houston for a few weeks now while I have some extensive dental work done. I met them at their store yesterday afternoon and hung out for a while letting a storm pass over. We were all in separate cars and headed home about 6. I passed 4 different accidents on the way home and what is usually a 15-minute drive took about 50 minutes. Once I turned onto the main road in the neighborhood there was no power and all the stoplights were out. That’s not very fun in rush hour traffic especially in a neighborhood of about 70,000 people and there are only 3 ways to get in and out of the development! Our subdivision looked like a disaster area and all the neighbors were in their yards picking up debris and looking around at the mess. I turned onto our street and I was greeted with this in the driveway...

It was awful! My Dad just paid to have all their trees trimmed about 3 months ago and unfortunately all the branches in the yard came from neighbors that don’t have their trees trimmed. That company was ringing our doorbell this morning at 7 am once they saw lights on and knew someone was awake! Well, they came back with their crew about 9 and ended up sitting in their trucks for a couple hours because it was raining. They are now working and as I’m writing this I’m listening to the sounds of chainsaws and men walking on the roof. Good thing we weren’t home or else we’d probably have 3 pretty messed up vehicles in the driveway!

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