Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cards 4 Cancer Card Making Night

I'm getting more excited about delivering cards to cancer patients for Cards 4 Cancer. We had a card making party last night and in 2 hours with only 4 people we were able to make 32 cards! They are all absolutely gorgeous. It's interesting to see everyone else's creativity as well. Here are some pictures of the cards, although it's tough to get them all in so you can the beauty in each card ~~

There is still time if you are interested in sending me cards for the cancer patients in Austin, TX. Please email me at for more information. Thanks for the big hearts to all those that have already donated!


  1. Wow, I gotta say you guys have great taste and you are really good in cardmaking. I love your designs.

  2. Thanks Michelle! I think I found a fun new hobby :)