Sunday, March 7, 2010

Do You Think IRS Will Accept Handmade Instead of My Taxes?

I've always enjoyed numbers and math. I was probably born with that crazy gene which makes math fun for me. My Dad is also a numbers man, so maybe it isn't the genes, but that I picked it up from him over the years.

I have my corporate taxes due in 8 days. Yikes! Ummm, can't really say that I've started them yet. I've been attempting to start for about a week by clearing off a table to sort receipts and stuff. The craziest part of all this is that I can't tear myself away from my sewing machine! I have so many ideas running through my mind that I can't stop being creative and settling in on those now boring and non-creative numbers.

So wish me luck on getting those taxes done. I wonder if the IRS would like a nice set of embroidered coasters instead of all my paperwork? Please, tell me to, "Just step away from the Bernina"!

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