Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Name That Bra!

Okay, so here is my Graphic IV art bra for this year. I need help with a name or title for it though. I love people to get a little chuckle out of the name so the bra for my first year was named "Under the C cup" with an ocean theme and last year's bra was titled "Silicone Valley" which was made out of computer components. This bra has been made out of pieces from La Croix water cans. I was first thinking of "Water Bra" but then I thought of "Nice Cans". So, I would like to hear from you. Do you have an idea for a better name? If not, which of my two do you like best? Please leave me a comment with any suggestions. If I use your name you'll receive 20% in my AftFire studio. If I don't use anyone's name then I'll do a random drawing from the people that commented and they will receive 15% off from my ArtFire studio. Put your thinking caps on and here is the art bra ~~


  1. La Croix means the cross. What about Cross My Heart?

  2. Kim, I laughed out loud at "nice cans," so I can't think of anything better.
    April 14, 2010 11:36 PM

    (posted after another blog entry)

  3. Message from mv beads ~ WOW, that's amazing! Awesome job! I think it makes me think more of cans than of water. Nice Cans is funny. LOL.
    Love, mv.

    (She wasn't able to post for some reason, but emailed me this message)

  4. Cozy, Cross My Heart is a nice idea.

  5. i think u should add an exclamation point to Nice Cans!

  6. Surviving CANcer! or You CAN survive CANcer!

    But I like Nice Cans! too.

    Paula aka TimelyImpressions