Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spirit Jump and Cards 4 Cancer

Cancer just sucks. Plain and simple. As a two-time cancer survivor I know this firsthand. Even when the best support group surrounds you, the diagnosis, treatments, doctors, emotions, etc. can really bring you down. There is a great organization that is working to lift the spirits of those battling cancer. The group is called Spirit Jump and please watch this great little news clip that explains how they help.

Spirit Jump has partnered with Bloggers Unite for the 1st Annual Cards 4 Cancer day. On April 10th patients at cancer centers all over the world will be honored with cards delivered from volunteers. It's amazing the impact that a simple card or gift from a stranger can do to brighten the day of someone battling cancer.

I have signed on to deliver cards in the Austin, TX area. I am looking for team members to join Hill Country Spirit Jumpers to make this day a huge success! Please send me a card, tell all your friends and neighbors, hold a card making party, and inform everyone you know. Tweet, Facebook. blog about this day and lets make it an awesome experience for all the cancer patients that need their spirits lifted. You can contact me at for my mailing address or any other questions you have about participating. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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  1. Found you on bloggers unite. I am also participating in this awesome event. Congrats and God bless on being a 2-time survivor!!!!! =)

    MandyP of "Random Thoughts"