Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The End of A Season

I should say, the end of the college football season. Our beloved Texas Longhorns pulled it off again! They beat Ohio State last night 24-21 to win the Fiesta Bowl with a touchdown in the last 16 seconds. It was a really good game and very close. I always prefer if the Longhorns run away with the game, but at least they won.

It’s time for me start thinking about my art bra for this year. I’m part of a local support group for young breast cancer survivors called The Pink Ribbon Cowgirls. In the spring, we have a huge benefit called Graphic and this will be our third year. People from all over donate bras they’ve designed, embellished, painted, beaded, sculpted, etc. for our benefit. We have a fashion show with about 20 young breast cancer survivors modeling some of the bras that will then be part of a live auction. I was a model last year and it was such an amazing experience! I thought I’d be nervous walking around in front of hundreds of people in a bra, but luckily my piece was a corset so everything was hidden! Throughout the night we have other bras and art available for silent auction. We also have a professional photo shoot with the models in bras and put together a calendar that we sell toward the end of the year.

Here are a couple pictures of last year's bra....

Anyway, I’m hoping to shed about 30 pounds (wishful thinking) and be ready to model whatever interesting bra I can come up with this year. Thankfully I have my Wii Fit to help me get in shape this year! I’ve actually been working out with the Wii just about everyday this year. Oh yeah, I’ll have to change my diet and all of that other stuff too!

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  1. Your artbra is so cute! Good luck with the diet!!!