Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Lately, I’ve been trying to get my studio in order. We live in a rather small place and have 4 different businesses that we run from home. Last year we invested in a 12’ x 20’ portable building.
Here are some pictures of the studio going up ~~

Ken spent the majority of last year finishing out the building with cable, electricity, water, insulation, sheet rock, etc. I love it! It’s not quite 100% finished yet, but usable finally. Of course it now seems so small! I still have tons of stuff that I need to move in there and find places for everything. One of these days I’ll get organized. Yeah, right.

In October, the studio was probably about 85% ready to move in when I was asked to do an interview with our local news station. They wanted to hear from a breast cancer survivor about the ongoing fear of getting cancer again. I agreed to do the interview and found out on Monday that they wanted to come to my house at 9 am Tuesday for the interview! Umm, okay. We ran around like crazy getting the furniture and shelving, etc. to make the studio look like that’s where I’ve been working everyday (and not the sofa). So, the studio was furnished overnight and here it is ~~

I still need to find more efficient storage for things and figure out what works where. I have a corner picked out for my lampworking one of these days!

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